Guard, The

Guard, The

From the writer-director brother of the writer-director of and star of In Bruges (and no doubt many more alumni) comes this similarly tragicomic beauty: the tale of Brendan Gleeson’s give-a-shit cop Gerry Boyle (like a fat Terence McDonagh) with his own sense of morality, slowly forced into a world of violence and crime alongside Cheadle’s outsider FBI agent. As dark as comedy gets, and yet greatly moving – interwoven with supreme skill, and performed expertly.

Not just a hilarious film, it’s one with things to say. The avant garde style is a perfect reflection on the protagonist’s (and┬áMark Strong’s mirror villain’s) annoyance at Americanisms. Proudly Irish, clearly, McDonagh seeks his own style away from dominant Hollywood while poking a great deal of fun at his own culture. Most of all, the theme of mortality (and its ramifications) is explored intelligently, thoroughly and movingly.

There must be more to life than this.


Or: Higglety Pigglety Pop.

(I had to. RIP Maurice Sendak.)