Towards the end of the film its protagonist is told:

One day… you landed to repair a drone, but next to it was a book. You picked it up, and you read it.

Important to the plot mechanics: the consciousness and conscientiousness signified. And then within a minute it’s all generic action sceney explosions.

It’s the tale of the movie. While its derivative nature is immediately apparent, it is nonetheless true sci-fi. Functional and thematically unified rather than just surface-level imitative. On the other hand, even when it is meant to feel cold, hollow and heartless, Kosinski is unable to hide his love of that aesthetic (with the addition of iPad-everything). Likewise there’s the ever-present fantasy of masculinity. It is amusing to see the lengths the story goes to to allow Cruise the love of two women while staying within conservative moral guidelines.

Ah well, the location… design… is great.