‘Sup balandas.

Name’s David Callipygous Smart and you can find me on facebook here, on twitter there, and in spirit everywhere.

I used to blog like a motherfucker, but then I got a life. I think I misplaced it because here I am again.

This one is stripped down – movie reviews only. Many are brief, twitter-sized chunks. Others require scrolling. I like to keep track of the movies I see, my ratings, and then see how my feelings on a film change over time, so it makes sense to put ’em all in one place. But I like discussion too. Please comment everywhere like a spambot, and tell me I’m an asshole for not liking 127 Hours.

Also, tell me your favourite film so I can rip the shit out of it for your entertainment. Or maybe I’ll love it and we can frolic in the grass, gleefully validating each other’s taste in film.

And then we’ll make love. ಠ_ಠ

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